The 16 Signs of Cancer We All Ignore

Doctors always say we need to take care of all the signs that might mean cancer not diagnosed yet. The early diagnosis means a better treatment outcome. The signs do not always have to mean cancer, but keep them in check. Analyze every sign and then talk with the doctor.

There are more than 200 cancer types and the common ones are breast, bladder, prostate, ovary, kidney, endometrial, colorectal and pancreas, but also leukemia and melanoma. For the majority of these the survival is not optimistic in the late stages.


Look at the warning signs of cancer and react in time!

Strange weight loss

The most obvious one for every cancer type, or in cases of solid tumors in breasts and lungs. When the cancer gets to the liver and stops the healthy work of toxin removal and appetite, there is weight loss. This also can be colon cancer. 40% of cancer people reported this sign. 80% of late stage cancers had cachexia or wasting and weight loss. When you have workouts and a healthy diet, weight loss is normal. In other times, when you lose 10% of the weight or 10 lbs a month during half a year, it is alarming.

Fatigue and weakness

If these signs are still present and you are getting enough sleep, talk with the doctor fast!

Often you get fevers and infections

Most of the time the body gets an infection. But if it does not pass away fast it might mean lymphoma. The cancer of blood cells is leukemia and causes fever, aches, infections, flu signs and fatigue.

Short breaths and wheezing

The short breaths can be lung cancer. Wheezing might be due to lung tumors that go in the airways too.

Chest pain and chronic cough

At times, the leukemia and lung cancer can imitate bronchitis and a bad cough. But, this might appear sometimes, not all the time. There is chest pain along that goes down the arm and shoulder too. In this case, talk with the doctor fast. Also, if the cough and voice are hoarse more than a month, talk with a doctor again. Sometimes this might mean thyroid issue, lung, esophagus and laryngeal cancer.


The chronic bloating with no reason might be ovary cancer and might show swollen abdomen, pelvis pain and fullness feeling. Also if this happens after eating it might be stomach cancer.

Chronic heartburn

This is usually acid reflux. But, if it is persistent it might be Barrett’s esophagus or esophagus cancer. In 2012, May, in the journal Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology there was a study where it was explained that this issue can inflame the tissue lining in our esophagus and raise the esophagus risk of cancer. Also in 2013, the American Journal of Cell Physiology made a study monitored by the experts of Rhode Island Hospital and it was said that the connection between Barrett’s and esophagus cancer is explained in details.

Bowels problems

If this lasts for a month, it might be bowels cancer, but mostly for elder people. Talk with a doctor.

Hard swallowing

If you have a hard time swallowing or feel the food chunks stuck, this could be esophagus cancer. Other signs are burning feeling and pain while swallowing and most of the time this cancer has no obvious symptoms. And, these signs can also be lung cancer.


This issue shows yellow or whitish skin and eyes. This is due to gallbladder issues or liver problems too, but also pancreas cancer and bad work of the liver and bile duct.

Strange swelling and lumps

If you see a strange lump in the testicles, groin, breasts, armpits, neck, belly that is still there after 3 weeks, seek medical advice. At times a lymph node or large lump might mean breast cancer. Red, swollen and sore breasts can be breast cancer too.

Changed and new moles and skin spots

Many of the skin changes are harmless and painless, but for skin cancer beware of: new moles and spots, sore skin that does not heal, color changes, symmetry changes, diameter too and border of the mole.

Nail changes

The fingernails can show many changes and this can be liver, skin and lung cancer. Beware of: black and brown spots under the nails for skin cancer. Large end of nails and clubbing, for lung cancer. This means deficit in blood oxygen. Pale and white nails or bad liver work even liver cancer.

Pelvic and belly pain

The lower abdomen can feel heavy and this could be ovary cancer. The risk is bigger in: women with family history in this cancer or colorectal and breast cancer, those never pregnant, those with diagnosis of breast, uterus, colon or rectal cancer. Also this issue might be leukemia and uterus cancer.

Strange pain lasting more than a month

The aches and pains can be due to many causes. But, pain for no reason and lasting for a month or more must be checked by a doctor since it might be bone or testicle cancer.

Strange bleeding

Could be urinary infection, but bloody urine is bladder or kidney cancer. This way, the stool blood can be bowel cancer and this is a sign of hemorrhoids. The endometrial and uterus cancer result in bleeding after menopause or between a period cycle. Rarely, vaginal bleeding might be vaginal cancer. Also, the signs of colorectal cancer is linked to gastro tract cancer. Too much bruises and bleeding might be leukemia, vomiting and coughing blood is esophagus or lung cancer, and even belly cancer too. The reason for such bleedings might not be cancer all the time, but it is serious and needs medical advice. Apart of cancer screenings and checkups, also notice all the signs.



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