The 20 best foods for clean arteries and less heart attack risks

The heart issues are really common and are the main death cause. The attacks and strokes happened due to clogging in arteries and this stops the good blood flow in the whole body.

Many causes can be the reason for a heart attack like lack of movement, bad diet and stress.

But, you can make some small changes in the diet and keep the heart healthy, reducing this heart issue risk.


This is a list of foods and drinks to make the arteries healthy:


This fish is the best for the heart health. it has many healthy fats and those fatty acids reduce the bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, also reduce the inflammation. Other good fish are mackerel, tuna and herring. And they must be organic.


The pure OJ has antioxidants and items good for the vessels in the blood. Also they lower the hypertension. To get the best vitamin C doses, get at least 2 glasses OJ daily and get all the minerals and vitamins for the health.


Many studies stated that having 2 glasses or 4 tops per day, reduces the risk of heart attack by whole 20%. But no more than 4 cups, unless you want irritated belly.


The nuts have many healthy fats like the omega 3 and unsaturated fats. The nuts are also good for the cholesterol in the blood and better memory, also joint health. To get their best benefits, have almonds or walnuts, handful daily.

Persimmon fruits

This fruit has lots of fibers and sterols so it lowers the bad cholesterol. It has a sweet taste and is called DIVINE fruit. Add it in salads or cereals.


The active item here is the curcuma. It is healthy and reduces inflammation but also fat storage that is abnormal. Add it in meals or as tea.

Green tea

This tea gives energy a lot. It is rich with catechin and this is an antioxidant that boosts metabolism and reduces bad cholesterol. For the best results have 2 cups per day.


In moderate servings, this reduces bad cholesterol and hypertension too.


A refreshing fruit and a healthy and tasty too. It makes more nitric oxide and blood vessels are healthier. You have to consume this as much as you can.

Whole grain

These have a lot of fiber and reduce the bad cholesterol as well, but also stop its buildup in the arteries. Whole grain bread, oats, brown rice are the best. They also break down cholesterol excess in the blood.


This fruit has potassium and if you have this juice all the time, you can lower the bad cholesterol and increase the good. Have 2 glasses per day and reduce heart attack risk by 40%.


This plant has many nutrients like minerals, vitamins, proteins, carotenoids and antioxidants. Eat this all the time and level the pressure and lower cholesterol by 5%.


This spice is best in tea and baked goods. It is great for prevention of artery plaque and bad cholesterol. Also, have just 1 tsp per day.


An exotic fruit that is loaded with phytochemicals and makes more nitric oxide naturally, so blood flow gets better. Also, add it to salads.


This veggie has potassium and folic acid, so it is great for lowering hypertension and healthy muscle tissues, so heart attack risk is lowered too.


This veggie has vitamin K and this is great for lowering hypertension and bad cholesterol. Also have this in many ways; boiled, raw, as snack, in salads or as side dish in a meal.

Olive oil

Good health depends on this oil. Cold pressed is the best one for the bad cholesterol removal. By having this oil, you lower the risk of heart attack for 41%.


This veggie stops clogged veins, bad cholesterol and inflammation too. Have it in these ways; side dish to noodles, potatoes, as main dish or in soup.


These berries have many nutrients, like potassium. So, eat this fruit raw or in juice. This makes more good cholesterol and reduces the bad one. Have 2 glasses per day and lower the heart attack risk for 40%.


This fruit is popular lately and a lot. It has good fats and this balanced the LDL and HDL. Have them often, with eggs, in salads or as spread mash.


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