The easy 3 step method of cleaning sinuses

The sinuses are hollow cavities that are in the skull. Mostly they are small and the exception is the maxillary cheekbone sinuses. There is more info here for this article, read on.

The sinuses are paired and one is on every side of the head, close to the nose.

These sinuses are big and are next the cheekbones.

The ethmoid sinuses are between the eyes.

The sphenoid sinuses are behind the nose.

The sinuses are empty except the thin mucus layer there.

The linings are thin, pink and soft tissues.

Those that know anatomy are not sure why we have sinuses. But there are 2 theories; aiding the humid breathing and the voice is enhanced.


Congestion of sinuses

Apart of many causes for this issue like sinusitis, the congested sinuses are acute. It is defined like blocked nose passages due to membrane lining that gets inflamed with the blood vessels. Other terms are blocked nose, nasal blockage, stuffy nose and nasal obstruction.

Almost everyone can experience this problem and we can all agree this is painful and really bad. This can impair the speech, sleep and hearing too. Kids especially suffer and also might need adenoid removal and tonsils removal too.

The common causes for this are cold, flu, allergies and infection in sinuses. These can be relieved with home cures, read below.

Clean the sinuses right now

This method is easy and simple, but effective too. Ready? 3 steps below.

First, sit and be comfy.

Position the head at 45 degrees. Massage the sternocleidomastoid muscle in down movements, 5 times. The head is turned sideways here. This muscle is beneath the ears and goes down the neck to the collarbone.

Repeat this also on the other neck side. The aim here is to relax the neck.

Now use the index fingers and get to the hard bone part of the nose. Go half down the nose. Move the fingers until you get to the soft part where the bone ends. This area is soft and fleshy. Use circle motions and massage this area with firm pressure for half a minute. After this, massage the muscles down the cheekbones. The face will be relaxed.

Again use the index fingers and find the upper orbit bone. This is above each eye, then get to the orbital notch, a small indent above the eyeball. Use circle movements and massage that notch for half a minute.

After that, use both hands and get to the forehead. Try using circle movement and firm pressure to the temples.

Final notes

You will feel some relief here. The degree of it depends from the execution, severity of the problem, personal reaction to the method and more.

Also repeat this often for more and better results. After 3 weeks, you will feel better.

More tips to stop congestion;

  • Quit smoking to stop irritation in sinuses
  • Healthy diet- create a healthy regime and improve the immunity too.
  • More activity- no need for being gym addict but this is crucial for good immunity. Get at least 30 min workout per day.

Hydration- the water is healthy we all know this. Being dehydrated can cause many health problems and also with good hydration of 5,12 oz glasses daily you get healthier overall.


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