Over 10 natural antibiotics which fight infection, and which pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know!

The nature has a cure for everything and every health issue better than using meds. There are no side effects in nature. But if this is true, why do people still get meds and not natural items

Hippocrates said that the food is medicine and the medicine is food.

We have a list for you of the best nature antibiotics that are hidden to the public yet:

  1. Garlic – a few cloves per day can fight bacteria, viruses and infections too. Studies shown that garlic can even soothe AIDS cases, diabetes and pressure. It is good for removing flu and cold and tooth aches. But, always get organic garlic. Cooked garlic is not as good as raw, so just crush it and have it raw. And add it to salads, meals on the side, drinks and soups.
  2. Onion- this is similar to the garlic and its effects. It removes inflammation and treats flu and cold.
  3. Grapefruit seed extract- this extract or GSE is antimicrobial. It is great to stop fungi to grow more and bacteria too, so it can even clean the bathroom. Before you get this, dilute it. Adjust the right amounts.
  4. Horseradish- this plant gives you energy and fights many issues. Also improves the blood flow and soothes the belly too. Treat UTIS, kidney stones, bronchitis and more. Have it raw or blended or in juice. Add some vinegar for taste and effect.
  5. Vitamin C- found in many fruits like pineapple, orange, lemon and more. It boosts immunity and this is why such juices are best while you have a cold. The vitamin C is great for skin issues and makes the skin prettier. Have 100% natural OJ or lemon juice, eat oranges and as much as you can.
  6. Manuka honey- this honey is made in New Zealand and like other honeys it has peroxide or antibiotic. This type is the best organic honey in the world. It has more similar good items like methylglyoxal. The one disadvantage is that is pricey, $50 on Whole Foods.
  7. Cinnamon- great for blood sugar leveling and good for those prone for diabetes. Also it can treat yeasts too. It is eaten in many ways. The best is Sri Lanka bark in water and then poured in a mug. Refrigerate it and drink up for a few days.
  8. ACV- this has malic acid and this is a good antibiotic. It stops soreness in the throat and kills germs.
  9. Ginger- an item commonly used in flu and cold treating. The root is great for upset belly or nausea but also for pain in the muscles and joints. If you are pregnant avoid the ginger in big servings, it might trigger miscarriage.

Eucalyptus- this plant is a great antiseptic. That is why the skin benefits of this the most. It is made in teas and for a cough curing. Also it kills fungi.

source: makeyourlifehealthier.com

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