To cry means you are emotionally and mentally strong

Do not be ever ashamed of tears said Charles Dickens.

Crying is great for you, did you know this? The neuroscientist or tear expert, Dr. William H. Frey II, PhD, said this is a normal human reaction to sadness or anger and is healthy. The crying is the natural way of removing emotional stress, so when this is bottled up it causes heart issues and stress illnesses.


A research said that 85% women and 73% are less sad or angry after they cried. Lots of people think crying looks bad, but in fact it is the bravest thing to do.

Why crying means you are strong? 5 reasons.

  1. Face to face with emotions- when you remove the negativity out, it means you get control of your being. You invite hard times and deal with them. After this, you do not dwell on them for long. Crying is not weakness for life, it means you are able to deal with life and do not escape it. If you need to cry, let the body flush this extra energy of stress and be not sorry.
  2. You do not care for others’ opinion- this is vulnerable display and it takes guts to do it in front of others. This world is too strict and we are said emotions in public are bad. Crying means you overcome these silly rules and you show you are human. With no emotions we can be machines, robots and feel nothing on daily basis. But, since we can cry we are more than robots and it means we oppose the society rules.
  3. No piled up feelings- to suppress emotions can make a disaster and with crying you will feel at ease bottled for months even. This might be an emotional breakdown, or some fight due to somebody. Neither is good and can drain you emotionally. This makes the nervous system checked and makes you have new space for new emotions.
  4. It makes you healthier- this brings many benefits like feel good hormones, lowering manganese levels that can make anxiety and stress. Also this lubricates the eyes and with no tears we would even have impaired sight. And bacteria is killed while toxins are removed. With no tears we would be in poor health too.
  5. Others feel more free too- you must be tough to help others feel free too. By crying in front of people, you liberate your being and others do the same. Lots of people lack emotions and might feel scared by this, but by showing this in front of them, they all cope with it like in a normal way.





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