Detox in 48 hours – a weekend plan!

Do you feel tired and have dark skin under the eyes? Is the skin dry or itchy, and do you look unwell? You have toxin overload and you need a cleanse. In this case, you have poor health against viruses, flu and more. As you detox you get more energy and health too.

We have a weekend plan for you to make you healthy. It cleans organs like liver, lungs, kidneys, lymph and intestines too. It has meat, fluids, low fat food and potatoes and sounds good! Do this 2 times per year and 10 days in a row.


For optimal result, use birch, nettle and dandelion. Also, workouts!

The plan:

After you wake up, have 240 ml water.



Breakfast – 1 cup oat, warm water, linseed 1 spoon, green tea 250 ml OR water, blueberries ½ cup and almond milk OR 200 ml yoghurt. Lunch- 250 ml water, 2 cups of tomato, arugula, green veggies, hake grilled 250 g, Swiss chard and potatoes, with olive oil, 1 slice melon and a banana. Snack- 250 ml water, 180 ml yoghurt, pumpkin seed ¼ cup. Dinner- anise tea or 250 ml water, 2 cups salad and lemon juice with olive oil, integral flour pastry, grilled tuna 150 g, steamed veggies ½ cup (broccoli and spinach).



Again, water for start.

Breakfast- 1 cup oats, 1 spoon linseed, 200ml almond milk or yoghurt, 1 pear and green tea. Lunch- water 250 ml, veggie soup of potato, pepper, carrot, beans, celery, onions. Chicken 200 g and 150 g pickles. Dinner- nettle tea, integral pastry, beet and carrot and lemon juice.





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