A herb good for the eyesight in people over 70. Reduces eye problems and eye pressure!

Eyebright aka euphrasia rost ko viana is the natural cure for eye issues ever since 14th century. A legend said this plant was called euphrasia in the Roman times and this goes after the Greek migrate Euphrosyini or JOY. This plant was giving joy for every person that used it for vision and eye problems, especially older people over 70.


The plant

This annual plant is 8 inches tall and has deep cut leaves. The blossom is white or purple and it blooms between July and September. It is parasitic and needs grass vicinity.

The used parts

When it blooms the extract is taken, from July until August. The liquid has few items like the tannin acid, mannitol and glucose, all sweet and alcoholic in taste but soluble in water.

Why is it good for the eyes

In alternative curing, this plant was known as great eye cure for eye infections. Also it heals and kills viruses in the eyes, dryness, pain and bacteria. It removes inflammation too in the eyelash follicles, cures conjunctivitis too and heals the eye membrane in the eyelids. Use this instead of eye drops.

Why is it good for the respiratory tract

This is great for killing inflammation and removing hay fever, sinusitis, upper respiratory problems, catarrh too. Also it relieves dry congestion. As herbal smoking mix is used as well from the dry herbs in cases of colds. And it soothes seasonal allergies.

For skin wounds

This herb is also used as astringent for skin wound healing. Used topically it is like compress. Also removes inflammation of acne and acne. Cold compress of eyebright can tighten the skin.


The adult dose is 2-4 g dry herb daily, 3 times per day. For tea, get 200 ml water to boil and add 2 tsp dry herb. After 15 min, strain and stir. Have this tea 3 times daily. For eye drop use get 1 drop, 5 times daily.


You can find this in teabags, loose dry leaves, liquid, pills, tincture, oil and powder. Get it online or in health shops.




source: homeremedieshouse.com

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