Remove the gastritis and heartburn forever with just a simple remedy that keeps the gut flora healthy

Our gut is the organ between the small intestine and esophagus and is the one for digestion. This is affected by many factors like gastritis (when the mucous membrane lining is inflamed in the belly). Gastritis causes red spots that are small and can be even painful.


This problem is also caused by a bad diet, alcohol and stress, or even drugs. Experts say that this is treatable and meds can sometimes fail to give you the best results you seek.

We have some natural cures for this problem:

  1. Rice water – boil rice in water, 1 liter and let it cool aside. Then strain this and keep the water in a bottle. Drink this 2 times daily and relieve the signs.
  2. Parsley water – the parsley is a great diuretic and lessens inflammation while the mucous membrane is soothed in the belly. Boil parsley bunch in 1 liter water and let it cool, then strain it. Drink this tea during the day and refrigerate it to get an ice tea.
  3. Celery and carrot juice – get 2 carrots and some celery stalks, blend them with water and this will soothe the heartburn.
  4. Chamomile and apple – peel the apple and add cup chamomile to boil with ti. Drink this in the mornings.
  5. Pear and ginger – make the of these 2 and sip it the whole day for heartburn and gastritis.





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