The strange and good benefits of farting

The hydrogen sulfide is a foul smelling gas that reminds us of rotten eggs and flatulence and is made inside the body, but it is healthy and can aid in further health issues in the future said Dr. Mark Wood, Researcher and Professor at the Exeter University, UK, Medical School.

This action might be condemned by people as rude or funny and even repulsive, but this should go the same for spitting, littering, shouting and other acts in public.



But, the flatulence is known as farting and the majority of people see this as a gross habit, and to a certain point it is. Everybody that has done this in public can say it is embarrassing and shameful for him.

To pass gas is natural and healthy even. But is also needed for many health reasons. This is vital for good digestion and breaking down food.

These are the 7 benefits of farting:

  1. Good for colon- to hold a body reaction is not healthy, urinating, bowels, gas or else. In social events you must do this of course. But in those with digestion problems, holding onto this can be dangerous.
  2. Aids in bloating- this feeling is really uncomfortable. This happens after a heavy meal and can cause pain in the belly too. The bloating also can cause more gasses that need to be passed. This is nothing dangerous and can cause discomfort.
  3. The smell is…healthy!- this is strange or funny but, we will explain it. When the gas is passed, we release a substance hydrogen sulfide and this is linked to diseases in the future. Studies show that this item can stop cells damage and even stroke or heart attacks.
  4. Healthy gut and bacteria- Purna Kashyap the gastroenterology expert of Mayo Clinic, Rochester Minnesota said foods that cause gas are healthy and let the nutrients get in the gut. If we gave them no carbs, they could not live in the gut. Kashyap added that fiber foods like lentils, beans, cabbage, broccoli and kale are good.
  5. For a balanced diet- the gas we pass shows what we eat and what we must eat. So it also tells you what you eat too much of. Let’ say when we have less fibers we have less gas. When we eat too much meat, the gas will have a strong odor so we must reduce such foods.
  6. A health alarm- the best benefit here on this list. The traits of the farts can help in many health problems. The unhealthy traits of farts are: bad odors, pain while gas passing, and being too frequent. These might mean colon cancer or even food intolerance.
  7. Instant relief- the obvious one. The buildup of gasses, bloating, belly pain all can be resolved by passing the gas. Embarrassing but, that is the truth.


Next time you feel the need, at least go somewhere aside and relieve yourself!





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