The best 6 workouts for sciatica pain and lower back pain

These pains are due to irritated lower back nerves. It is common and studies have claimed that even 10% of USA people have this.

This pain starts  in the lower spine and can go down the leg and foot.


The signs of it are:

  • Pain in the leg and buttock
  • Tingle and burning pain
  • Intensified pain while sitting


In more serious cases bladder and bowels can get impaired.

The sciatica is due to:

Direct injury


Slipped disc 90% of the time

Infection of the spine


Spinal stenosis or narrowing of spine cord

Cauda equine syndrome


Also this pain can be prevented like this:

  • Workouts that make the back muscles stronger
  • Firm mattress for sleeping
  • Good body posture
  • Adjusted car seat for the lower back
  • Good practice for lifting methods

These are the best 6 workouts:

  1. Hamstring stretch– get on the floor and have the back straight. Stretch the legs and they are hand width apart. Inhale and when you exhale lean to the hips and then reach the toes. Push the collarbone to the feet and hold for 30 sec.
  2. Knee lift– lie on the back and bend the knees for 90 degrees. Arms are on the sides and flat. Lift the legs foot high off the floor and lower them, do 5 reps.
  3. Piriformis stretch– bend the knees and lie on the back. Heels are pushed toward the buttocks, one leg is crossed over the other and ankles are resting. Stretch the hips and hold 20 sec. switch legs and repeat.
  4. Knee to chest stretch– lie on the back and bend the knees for 90 degrees, feet are on the floor. Put the hands around the knee and pull it to the chest. Hold half a minute and switch legs.
  5. Back extension– lie and face is down, feet and hands flat on floor. The fingertips are on eye level. Push the hands arched to the back and hold 10 sec. lower the back down and do 10 reps.
  6. Gluteal stretch– lie on the back and bend the knees for 90 degrees. Lift the left leg and the ankle rests on the other leg. Put the hands around the left thigh, pull it to you and hold 30 sec. do 3 reps and switch legs.




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