Heal the thyroid naturally – doctors hide this secret

The thyroid issues are really the hot topic these days. People experience many signs of this issue and they do nothing until it is too late.

The thyroid is a vital organ for the digestion and is crucial for the system health since every cell depends on the thyroid.

The thyroid can be rejuvenated naturally with a good diet, workouts, rest and less stress.


When you try to find a good health expert, he might try to find the hidden causes of this issue and give you the needed answers.


  1. Coconut oil– this oil does not interfere with the T4 and T3 change of the cooking oils. It makes the digestive system get healthier and fitter. This oil also gives you better health and the thyroid is healthier too. Take no more than 1 tbsp per day.
  2. Bone broth daily– a great solution for this problem. It cures the gut flora, and solves any minor issue that could become serious. Have 1 serving broth per day and add ocean salt to keep the thyroid healthy.
  3. Seaweed and ocean veggies– algae and others like kombu, nori, wakame must be eaten. They are great for the diet since they give iodine and other benefits.
  4. More vitamin D, A and K2 levels– all these are beneficial for the thyroid. Studies proved that people with thyroid problems must get these a lot.
  5. Alternative treatments– judo, yoga, reflection manage the thyroid work especially in cases of injury, sadness and stress.
  6. Gluten– keep distance from the gluten since it might cause some reactions. It is the main cause for Hashimoto thyroiditis and immune problems.


Also remember, stay away of nutty spreads, peanuts  –  they have goitrogens.



source: naturalcarebox.com

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