With oil and salt – NO MORE PAIN

The condition cervical osteochondrosis is painful a lot. But it can be treated with our great recipe that removes pain and keeps you this way for years to come.


Just make a simple mix for massage using veggie oil and salt or sea water if you prefer.

This mix is medicinal and lasts for the whole process. Mix 10 tsp salt and 20 tbsp oil.


After you mix them put this in a glass bottle and seal it. After a few days, the mix is lighter.

Put this on the skin every morning and massage a lot where you feel the pain. Start with 3 min massage and add every day to reach 20 min. when this is done, wipe the neck and use warmed cloth.

At times, the use of this mix can irritate the skin so always use clean dry cloth for wiping after it. In the end apply baby powder.




source: makeyourlifehealthier.com

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