An oxygen bomb great for any household – put it at home and cleanse the air

The plants use the carbon dioxide and give us oxygen we all know this. But some plants do more like cleansing the air. Chemicals and toxins or dust are removed with certain plants.


  1. Aloe vera– known mostly for healing, this plant is an oxygen bomb. It makes more oxygen and gets more carbon dioxide, monoxide and formaldehyde too. It is tropical and wants light and good drained soil. Also it is succulent so it needs little water. Ingesting it can cause vomiting – this is a health tip for poisoning.
  2. Peace lily– good for the look but also for removal of formaldehyde, xylene, benzene, ammonia and trichloroethylene. It needs moderate watering and a shade.
  3. Spider plant– common plant and it wants sunlight. Also it can filter areas of 200 square meters and remove toxins, gasoline, styrene, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. And they are easy to grow and keep.
  4. Estragon– it likes little light and is resilient to growing, so for those in need of a simple plant, this is it.
  5. English ivy– not the same as poison ivy. This can remove 60% toxins and 58% feces in just 6 hours. It needs at least 4 hours sun per day so place it near a window. It can be toxic for pets.
  6. Chrysanthemum– it removes benzene and 90% of formaldehyde after 24 hours. It is pretty and it needs to be close to a window for the sunlight.
  7. Golden pothos– it is hard to kill this plant unless you give big effort. It cleans the air in the best possible way and it removes benzene and trichloroethylene too. It needs bright and harsh sunlight. Also not good for house with pets.


NASA claimed that every house must have at least 15 such plants for areas of 500 square meters, and one must be where you sleep. They will be a décor and purifier at the same time.





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