The 10 silly mistakes a smart person would do


IQ is not everything. Our success is not just IQ, but behavior and other things along.

If you are smart, you can still do silly things, mistakes and bad decisions that even impact the work and success.


Here you will read on the 10 mistakes every smart person does and how to avoid them

Too much time thinking and not doing

Preparing and planning are crucial but action is a bit more important. Success does not come along thinking, but reacting. So, roll up the sleeves.

Waiting for promotion before doing next level tasks

If you want leader position, you must lead. This is not some title, it is more like action and ability to work harder. In my career, I saw people that wait for promotion and do not start leading. It is like a football team, you wait to be picked before you master this sport. This is a failure, first lead, then get promoted.


We naturally do this thing a lot and the smarter we are, the more we do it. It is like we want to create problem just to be able to solve it. Tony Robbins said complexity can be the enemy of every execution.

Underrating efforts- genius = 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

But, the perspiration MUST be first, not the other way around. Only by trying first, you can see what is good and what is not. And necessity is crucial for invention.

Fail to communicate

When we communicate, one person must send a signal and the other must understand this. When we understand things, we implement them. Too often some people fail to understand and thus fail to complete a task. If you are smart, this does not mean you understand everything easily. If a smart person fails to cope with this, there is failure on both ends.

Give up for the sake of failure

I have written about attitude over aptitude. Without right attitude, we give up and failure is our last goal. For success, we must have a good attitude and this must go along aptitude for final success. Failure is inevitable but, we have to learn to deal with it, not to let this crush us.

Fail in delegating

It must be faster if I do this myself, we often think. This means you do not like to get help or give tasks. This way you also underestimate the team and its abilities a lot. Also, you become indispensable and you cannot go further in success and promotions.

Reject feedbacks

For better performance, we need feedback. This makes us know what we did good or bad. With no feedback, we will stick to the bad habits and be less effective by the day. If you are smart, you are not know-it-all.

Waiting before you feel 100% sure

Perfection is not good and can limit you a lot. This way you will never start anything, since all the time there will be doubts. We can all prepare sometimes, yes, but you have to start sometimes! Success is not seen every day and only with action can be triggered.

Underestimate the not so smart

If someone is different and lacks some skills you have, does not mean he is not good for something else. He must be given some tasks and motivated to achieve more or show other potentials. We can all learn from our mistakes and we can also learn from others, this way we save money, we communicate and we succeed.





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