The 9 bad habits you have to break in order to be productive

Nothing is worse than bad habits. They are not good, impair you, creep up and you won’t even notice the damage until it Is too late.

They slow you down in every aspect, decrease the focus, reduce creativity too and performance as well. It is crucial to control such habits and be more productive.

With self-discipline and control you can be great and have such personality, as Kleiser Grenville said.

Some habits can be worse than others and to shed them all will make you better and more efficient to enjoy good moods and be with more self-control.


Impulsive surfing

It takes 15 min for the focus to engage in a task. Once it does, you get euphoria and productivity we all call FLOW. When you abandon to work to see the Facebook or random posts, you lose the flow. This means 15 min more focus to regain that flow. Remove fun tabs while you work.


Writers mostly spend their time brainstorming and plotting for a book they are writing. They do this since ideas must be developed all the time. We freeze when we have to start knowing our ideas are not good. How can you be good if you do not get time to think things over and then start them? The author Jodi Picoult summarized this in words like, a bad page can be edited, but a blank not.


These steal the time the most. Productive people avoid them all the time since this is lost time. Everyone can be efficient by himself.

Responding to e-mails after they arrive

Productive people control the e-mails all the time. They check their e-mails and also take benefit of the priority messages. Alerts are set for urgent mails and vendors and they are saved until the work stops. Some people use autoresponder to let people know when the mail will be checked.

Hitting snooze

-When you sleep, the brain moves in many cycles and the last one makes you alert to be wakened up. So, this way you can wake up even before the alarm. This is how the brain works, sometimes it gets accustomed to waking time and does it by itself. When you hit snooze and go back to sleep, you are not alert, you are drowsy and groggy. And that grogginess will need hours to disappear. Force to get up from bed.


This kills efficiency. Study at the Stanford University said multitasking is less productive than one by one works done. Experts said people who do several things all at once have less focus and attention, recall a lot, and switch jobs all the time. When you do more than 1 thing, the brain has less capacity for both tasks. What if some people are good at multitasking? The experts compared 2 groups of people based on multitasking and performance. They said heavy multitaskers had good performance but not better than the other group. The first group were worse since they had more chaotic thoughts and irrelevant info.

Putting off hard tasks

We have limited mental energy of course and we spend it all the time with decisions and so on. This drains that energy. We call this decision fatigue. When you put off tasks because they seem hard, you save them for worse times. To beat this fatigue, do them when the mind is sharp.

Electronics in bed

This is bad and we all ignore this fact. This affects both productivity and sleep. The blue light waves impair the mood, focus, sleepiness, and when the eyes are exposed to this, melatonin is less made and you feel awake. During the day the sun loses the blue light and the body makes melatonin then. By the night, the brain no more expects blue light and is sensitive to it. Our favorite gadgets emit that blue light and radiate to our face. This exposure damages melatonin and makes us awake. Bad sleep at night makes health issues and less productivity. Avoid them after dinner time, only TV is ok, but far from the face.

Eating loads of sugar

Glucose is a gas pedal for energy, but shortly. Glucose is needed for focusing on tasks and with little of it, we are tired and slow. But too much makes us jittery and unfocused. Study shown that our sweet spot is with 25 g and you can ingest them any way you want, you will feel the same. The only difference is in the lasting time. Soda, donuts and other sugars make energy boosts for just 20 minutes not more. Brown rice, oatmeal and healthy foods like complex carbs give energy that lasts.

Final notes:

Some habits seem not big enough or serious, but all of them have to be taken into consideration. Some are momentary and some long-lasting.



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