9 strange things connected to heart attacks

When we talk on heart attacks, a diet with fats and grease is the number one cause.

Lifestyle and diet play a big role in this, also genes, and other factors too. But some strange facts must be known in order to prevent heart damages.



A study of 2001, New England Journal of Medicine said people in low class neighborhoods have 3 times more risk of heart issues than other people with another education or class. The study focused on heart attacks in a period of 9 years and the age target was 45-64. It is true and not much can be done about this since some areas are more toxic, said Dr. Malissa J. Wood, the co-director of Corrigan Women Heart Health Program of Massachusetts hospital.


A study of 2012 linked the antibiotic azithromycin or z-paks to more heart issues risks. Evidence was not so strong to change the current events, said Wood, but in case of antibiotics, talk with the doctor first.

Calcium supplement

Again in 2012, 23000 people of the Journal Heart said that calcium supplements make more risk of heart issues for those who take this. Wood advises people need calcium but in the form of oily fish 2 times per week and other natural sources of this mineral.


If you have the flu and other respiratory problems, your risks of a heart issue are 5 times bigger. Every infection can trigger inflammation, thus heart attacks or strokes. Flu vaccine might help a little bit though.


Some patients that have this issue are under bigger heart problem risk than others, let’s say to those with diabetes. Those with this issue, skin issue that needs medical help, also smoke, might be overweight and have hypertension too. Gelfand study claimed that this problem is a great risk, this is an autoimmune problem that makes inflammation and attacks too. Such diseases are an overall risk for the whole health and this is the main cause in those with lupus heart attack problems all at once.


A bad relationship is really bad for the heart. Experts of the College London said that such problems increase this risk by 34%

Low HDL cholesterol

Study with 7000 people in Indiana University stated that HDL the good cholesterol is linked to the heart. If this is low, it is the cause no. 3 for heart problems. If a young man has a heart problem or an attack, this means their HDL is low, stated Wood, author of the Smart at Heart. The best way to increase the HDL is with good diet and workouts.

Kidney issues

Study in Rotterdam, Netherlands, said that w
eak kidneys and kidney issues increase the risk of heart problems. Another study with 1000 men said those that have chronic kidney issues have this risk doubled.

Urban living

Heavy traffic, regardless car, bike, bus, also doubles this risk, said experts of  a German study. Another one said that death of heart issues is twice doubled in those living near a road.


source: foxnews.com

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