The Best 10 Medical Discoveries Ever Recorded

 Science improves rapidly and many discoveries are made each day. Thus we have more developments and understandings. Such discoveries impacted our lives and gave many benefits too, so we cannot imagine living without them! This is because now we just complain of waiting lists in hospitals and behavior of nurses, but remember, long time ago people with irritations were left limbless.


To praise these discoveries, let us look at the best 10 developments and how they impacted the world.

  1. Vitamins

They were discovered by Frederick Hopkins and his colleagues. This was a result of animal studies in the 1900s and made them understand nutrients more due to deficits and illnesses.

  1. HIV

This was discovered by Robert Gallo in 1980s, and also Luc Montagnier. This lead to awareness of the unprotected sex dangers and luckily many cures exist today that can manage to treat this.

  1. Circulatory system

This concept was described first in 1242 by Ibn al-Nafis, a physician and this was promoted for the first time by William Harvey in 1628. This made us understand the body better.

  1. X-ray

If we didn’t have this, broken bones and injuries would be hard to be healed. This discovery is of Conrad Rontgen in 1895 and he discovered this when he wanted to make a picture of the wife’s hand.

  1. DNA

This was discovered by the Swiss doctor Friedrich Miescher and was first named nuclein. This made us understand more on illness and diseases and this is more and more used today. This DNA discovery also lead to more studies on our evolution and our role in the world.

  1. Insulin

Before this hormone was invented in 1920 by Frederick Banting, diabetes was not curable and lead to death. Today, most patients have good lives and are healthy and live longer.

  1. Anesthetic

If you ever underwent some procedure with no anesthetic, you know the problem and unbearable feeling.

  1. Germ theory

Soon we will talk on penicillin, but for now this is thanks to Louis Pasteur and his germ theory. Thus this lead many people take better care of hygiene.

  1. Vaccination

In the western world was considered a controversy to use vaccination for viruses, even in small doses. But thanks to this discovery, many epidemics are stopped and also deadly illnesses.

  1. Penicillin

This was thanks to Alexander Fleming, 1928, and this is a lesson known to every kid nowadays in schools. This changed everything in modern medicine. This discovery lead to antibiotics too for combating bacteria. Before this, limbs were cut off and amputation was the best option!




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