The best 10 tips for prevention of diabetes 2

You can reduce this issue by coping with the risk and also changes in lifestyle. Common risks are obesity, more weight, hypertension, triglycerides, cholesterol and more. Change the habits, it is not hard but it will be worth it.


Check the diabetes risk

See the Life! assessment test and see what can you do to prevent this. A score of 12+ means you have a high risk of this issue and might need to get the Life! Program modification program for reducing diabetes 2 risk and also heart issues. Or just call 13 RISK (13 7475)

Manage the weight

Too much fats in the belly, mean we develop insulin resistance. This leads to diabetes.

Regular workouts

Moderate workouts almost every or every day manage the weight, pressure and glucose in blood, but cholesterol too.

Healthy diet

Reduce the saturated and trans fats from foods. Opt for fruits, veggies and fibers. And, less salt!

Limit processed foods

Such foods have too much salt, fats and calories. Opt for fresh foods.

Limit alcohol

Too much of this makes weight gain and more pressure and triglycerides. Men must limit themselves to 2 drinks and women just 1.

No smoking

Smokers have double risks of diabetes.

Control pressure

Most people can manage this with workouts, good diet and healthy lifestyle. But sometimes meds are needed so talk with the doctor.

Less heart issue risks

Heart issues and diabetes are closely linked but the main common risk factors they share are no workouts and obesity.

Doctor checkups

As you age, you need to see the doctor more frequently to check the pressure, glucose and cholesterol too.



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