What will happen if you quit drinking sodas?

Sodas can seem harmless to us, tasty and refreshing. But, if you have soda with every meal and every day, it is unhealthy. Sodas are addictive like sugars, alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. For these vices we get warnings, but for sodas there is none. Sodas make us feel good, they are tasty and we are ignorant of their damages to us. Consider this and remove sodas completely. If this was not enough, let’s see some more into this. Here are all the things that will happen when you stop with the sodas!



This organ will benefit a lot from quitting sodas. Studies showed this sugary drink makes more risks of heart issues and here people were monitored, they had soda daily and had 20% more risk of an attack than the rest. A 2011 study said that sugar drinks also affect our pressure and more sodas means more hypertension. Cut a bit at least and see improvements with time.


Sodas have caffeine and this makes us focused. But, the soda sugar causes a short energy boost and on the long run this can damage our brain. Other chemicals along these impair our cognition and brain work. Long term using of sodas will damage memory, behavior and learning.


People used sodas to urinate more and this is a huge mistake. Sodas can act like diuretics and make you urinate more and more. Bladder will get irritated and UTIs will appear, but also bladder infections. Replace this with water, tea or at least natural juices.


Sodas are acidic and damage our teeth. The soda items damage our enamel and erode teeth. This causes more dental issues and even loss of teeth. Soda daily will damage the teeth so much that you might look like a meth addict. A woman was studied and she had 2 liters soda daily for 5 years. She had eroded teeth and was confused for a drug addict. She had expensive surgeries just to be able to eat or smile and speak. Citric acid in the sodas made the enamel softer and damaged. Teeth became more gentle and prone to breakage. The soda color also made the teeth more yellow.


Remove soda from the diet and reduce the damage and risk of osteoporosis and breaking. Sodas are no good for the bones, at all. They make the bones weaker and you have to switch to calcium drinks instead for more nutrients.


Sodas are not made for healthy daily use. They must be taken with warnings all the time. See these benefits of quitting sodas and stop buying this product. Try this and share your experience.




source: healthdigezt.com

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