Burn belly fat with a banana and ginger smoothie

Many health supplements and weight loss pills exist in the market and some are even harmful on the long run! Because of this, customers have to try natural things to lose weight and be less obese.

Naturopath doctors accentuate some herbs for better balance in the body. Such experts say we have to return to normal weight first and then regain balance.

Weight loss experts say banana ginger smoothie is amazing for losing fat. Below is the recipe for a slimmer waist.


Banana and ginger smoothie

You need:

2 tbsp ground flaxseed

1 cup frozen blueberries

one frozen ripe banana

tbsp grated ginger

½ cup baby spinach




Blend all items together and this can be your breakfast.

Benefits of the nutrition

Bananas- they have fiber, potassium and good natural sugars and antioxidants too. You get nutrients, energy and balanced blood sugar. Also you remove toxins and get better digestion.

Ginger- this stops bad cravings and you lose weight better. Those who had this smoothie lost 2-4 lbs in a couple of days. It is not known if this was water weight or fat.

Final comments

Weight loss experts say that some healthy foods and workouts CAN make you lose fat in some areas. So, healthy diet, workouts and no more worries of the weight coming back.

This smoothie makes you healthy too, slimmer and is a good switch for junk foods.

source: 1mhealthtips.com

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