Cold or hot showers? Benefits of each kind

Showering is essential hygiene routine, but temperature can vary here. Whether hot or cold, this affects the health so read more on these two kinds below.


Some prefer hot

  • Hot water relieves tension and soothes muscles that are stiff. If you have a good showerhead, great! The hot water under pressure can be like massage on the neck, back and shoulders.
  • Studies shown that a hot shower amps up the oxytocin and removes anxiety.
  • Decongesting and relieving flu and cold signs. The hot steam also gives moisture to the nasal paths



Some prefer cold

  • The cold water, even if it sounds unbearable, is really healthy! Cold water for a few minutes shocks the body and makes it more awake. This change in heat removes fatigue and makes you more alert.
  • Shower of 68 degrees more or less, for a few minutes every day is great for treating depression. But, talk with the doctor in this case.
  • Hair and skin benefit more from cold water. Hot water makes them dry, but cold closes the pores, makes the skin tight, hair shiny.



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