The ginger recipe for treating flu, cold, and cough among common sickness issues

Sickness cannot be avoided, especially in winter times. The colds and flu are common and this is regardless of age or gender. But, knowing how to cope with this is vital. Meds can help, but some natural cures are cheaper and better.

Ginger is one such natural cure for many illnesses. If you have congested nose or upset belly, ginger is the right choice. If you dislike chewing the root, here are some other options.


Lemon, ginger and honey- in a jar

This mix is amazing and helps a lot. It is courtesy of Simple Green Smoothies.

You need;

2 lemons

2 ginger pieces


12 oz jar




Clean the lemons and ginger and slice them all up. Put them in the jar and pour the honey to sink down. After this, seal tight. Refrigerate and this can last for a month.

When is this taken?

In case you notice some illness signs, reach for this jar. Take 2-3 tbsp of the mix and add hot water in the mug, then mix this.


Ginger tea


This remedy is amazing and made in just a minute. We got the recipe from Top 10 Home Remedies.

You need;


1 cup water

Lemon juice




Clean the ginger and cut it in chunks. Then slice the chunks and crush it a bit. Let this ginger boil in the water and when this is done, add lemon and honey.

When is this taken?

When you are congested or cough a lot. Take this 3 times per day.



Get better!

Ginger is amazing as you see for every common illness. Mix it with other good natural items like the lemon and honey and make it more potent.



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