10 Fast health boosters


We all often see health challenges and overcome them most of the time, but some are serious and linger on. Why not try some small steps and small changes to improve the health at least a bit? Here is the list of some health boosters.


Time out

If you feel stressed and anxious, take some time a few minutes let’s say to relax and breathe deeply. Some relaxation methods can help here a lot and lower the risk of a heart issue and pressure too.


Volume up on the radio. By weight on the bones, you release more calcium and this prevents osteoporosis later on, and also you burn more calories.

Omega 3

These acids lower inflammation and heart issues risks but also some cancers. Add this fish in other meals too and boost the health right away.


Sometimes healthy things have a good taste too. A study of the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry said that cocoa once in a while boosts the heart, immunity and brain.

Clean dashboard

Do you know how much germs live on the dashboard? Germs love such areas and due to the air flow around they linger longer. Scrub this surface.

Cold shower

Cold showers are saved for bad days but this can make you healthier. The icy water makes the brain release good hormones against stress. Less stress is less hypertension and heart risks. Do not shiver – 2 minutes is enough.


A study confirmed that kissing removes allergies if you do it at least half an hour.


This also releases good hormones and removes stress. Watch a comedy or walk out with friends.

Lots of water

This is classic and the best one. Improve the urinary health, skin and remove toxins better to keep kidneys healthy.

Sitting straight

A bad posture damages the spine and this makes back pains. Also the lungs might suffer. It is never late to correct this, just sit straight even now!



source: realbuzz.com

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