5 Signs of mental health issues and problems

The mental issues like OCD, depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder have some signs you must see in time. Then, seek help in case you recognize them.


We all have bad and good days, or even years but, we have to be worried of the signs by depression, anxiety, OCD or bipolar, since they can impair our daily work. Problems can appear anytime from work, love life and this all impairs your life on daily basis.

5 signs of depression

Clinical depression can be seen in 2 ways. One is by severity or function impact. In case of serious signs for more than 2 weeks fundamental functions are damaged and this is clinical depression, said the psychiatrist Jill RachBeisel, MD, assistant prof. University of Maryland Medicine School.

Many signs are there from depression, but the common ones are:

  1. Changed appetite- this is lost all the way and you eat almost nothing.
  2. Sleep- you get insomnia every night.
  3. Focus- you cannot focus even on TVs or newspapers or even making dinner.
  4. Energy- in this case, you have no energy for basic things and daily work. You lay in bed all the time.
  5. Lost interest- if you enjoyed some things earlier and now not this is serious, like let’s say taking care of the kids.

At most serious levels, depression of this kind can end in suicide. If someone says everyone is better off without them, this is alarming!

5 signs of anxiety

We all must feel a little anxiety to think and perform the best. But the signs of anxiety can be:

  1. Cannot follow a talk ongoing or basic tasks
  2. You cannot do what others doo like crossing bridges
  3. Avoid family meetups and parties
  4. You get panic in a room of people when they look at you
  5. You avoid projects that require speaking or presentation


5 signs of OCD

This disorder is extreme. OCD people are really anxious and have delusive thoughts that are stuck in their head. When they shape as to them, they look panicked. This can consume their time and stop their work. The signs might be:

  1. Washing hands 30 or more times per day.
  2. Counting a lot before parking
  3. Hours in front of the door and windows, to make sure they are locked.
  4. Hours bathing
  5. Repeating work tasks to see if they are complete.
5 signs of bipolar disorder

This person would have lots of mood swings. In the depression phase, it looks just like depression, but these people also have a manic phase, opposite to the depression one and here they are too happy even. The mania signs are:

  1. Mood swings- elevated mood and sad mood all the time.
  2. Fast speech- you cannot say anything to them when they start talking
  3. No sleep- they can stay up for days and days doing anything they can
  4. Overextended- they think highly of themselves so they take up tasks they cannot do and similar things.
  5. Excessive behavior- charging too much money or having sex recklessly with someone they just met is another sign.

How to help or get help?

In case you think you have some signs, Beisel advises us to:

  • Call the primary doctor and get a referral to a specialist
  • Call suicide hotline in local areas
  • Talk with a local health expert for mental services lists

If you know all these signs, you can get help or give help in time, to a loved one, family or yourself.




source: everydayhealth.com

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