Psychologists claim that people that cry often have unique personalities

Do you recall the last time you cried? Month ago? Longer or shorter? It is fine to feel soft and mushy and shed some tears, and this is nothing to be sorry for.

In fact, crying is healthy and means you are strong and firm in your beliefs. Here are the 4 reasons why crying should make you feel strong, not fragile.


      Relieving stress

A study of 1983, American Psychological Association said more people feel easier and relieved after they cry due to some personal stress, anxiety or sadness. Crying is a channel and filter for the thoughts and emotions that pile up in us. Bottling these emotions up is not healthy and causes even more stress and long term damage of the mind and body too. When we cry, we remove the bad emotions outside and feel recharged and relieved at the end of the day. Emotional crying also balanced the hormones and brings the good mood soon back. Prof. Roger Baker of Bournemouth University said crying is changing stress to something tangible and this lessens the trauma. Let it out!


   You do not care what others think

Feeling vulnerable and feeble is possible when other people are around to see this. You feel cracked voice, tears and blood rushing, but try to suppress this right? Then, you burst. Society teaches us that emotions in public are not a good thing and this is why we feel guilty for this. But, the human nature shows that we have to be sensitive and smart too and not depend on the guard we have all the time. In 1964, a study claimed that people feel less bad around people that cry, compared to those that do not cry. When someone is near a crying person, he is less hostile and negative. Also this study confirmed that crying made many people feel uneasy when they see this, but crying in public means you do not feel ashamed of your emotions.


      You do not fear feelings

Humans cry for many reasons, hormones, anger, loneliness, loss, stress, low sugar in blood and more. Sometimes things are trivial like a song or movie, and sometimes we have no reason. The crucial part here is that you have to face your emotions with pride. Not facing them can lead to a dark path of depression, alcohol, drugs, anxiety, drug abuse and more. Feeling guilty and fearing judgement can hinder the tears and cause damage.


      Crying makes you a good friend

We mentioned letting the guard down. This means more than it sounds. It means people around you will see that you care, have emotions and are not indifferent. If you are in a state where a friend is near you and both get bad news, when you start crying first, you give the green light to the other person to feel eased up too. This is amazing for any relationship. To break down these walls means being a better human. This also points to your real friends too. If someone mocks you for the crying, you know the deal.




     Mental illness and crying

If you feel the need to cry and this happens often, you might want to talk to a doctor. Chronic crying might be depression or other disorder due to many causes.

Such issues affect millions people and sometimes unresolved things can end up in suicide. These are the 3 start points in case you have a mental problem:

Hope Care

Better Help

International Help Lines



Final words:

Crying is a healthy mechanism for coping with emotions. It improves our mood, removes stress, makes character stronger and builds better relationships. Next time, do not repress. Open up!



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