A man with terminal cancer cured himself with cannabis oil and leaves the hospital

For 9 months and 2 kinds of cannabis oil; one was cannabis pill with organic coconut oil at 10:30 pm and high THC one hour prior bed, my dad had no more signs of a disease, said Corinne Malanca, the daughter of Stan and Barb Rutner.

Stan discovered the cannabis after radiation and chemo, both almost fatal!

The Cancer Industrial Complex said that chemo and radiation can save lives, and their toxic results improve the survival rates, but these methods target cancer cells and damage healthy cells too.

This is the harsh truth. They are poisons and kill people. Radiation and chemo are not medicines and cures. They even leave many side effects.

The nautropath doctor, Dave Mihalovic that Is an expert in vaccines and cancer preventing said that no chemo ever cured cancer completely. Even with improved chemo methods there are many side effects in the body later on.

Ironically, when chemo kills the cancer, it also makes healthy cells make a protein that speeds the tumor growth and makes every cell ignore a treatment for curing.

Experts discovered one way the chemo causes more cancer growth

The experts found that healthy cells get damaged from the chemo and the protein WNT16B makes cancer thrive more.

That protein increase is not expected, said the co-author Peter Nelson of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, for AFP.

That protein damaged the healthy cells near the cancer cells.

The WNT16B if stretched, can interfere with a tumor nearby and cause it to grow more and invade a good therapy at the same time.

In a cancer treating, the tumor might show good healing signs early but it can regrow later and be unresponsive to further chemo.

Stan Rutner story

Barb and Stan Rutner are a couple who has been devoted for 59 years. They both have battled cancer. 25 years ago, Stan, a dentist, got diagnosis of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and Barb battled the breast cancer 2 times. Stan recalls that he thought all that was a cold or flu. But it turned out to be cancer.

After half a year of aggressive treatment, his cancer was in remission, back in 1989. During this time, Stan moved on and forgot about all this. But after many years, he got the cancer again in 2011. The signs were chronic cough and nothing else.

He got nervous so he saw his doctor. The diagnosis was pneumonia and the doctor saw strange spots on his lungs. Many tests later and the spots turned out to be cancer in the lungs. His final diagnosis was stage 4 lung cancer with brain metastasis. The doctor was highly pessimistic.

Decline of Stan’s health – rapidly

This time the radiation and chemo were too much for Stan. After the curing began, Stan got fatigue, was wasted away and lost weight but also had nausea.

Barb said that the was skinny and when the radiation was over on June 25th, he got in the hospital again on July 13th and had radiation pneumonitis, or inflamed lungs of chemo. He visited 3 hospitals and they kept him for a week for oxygen treating 24/7.

They gave him weeks left of life and he entered the hospital care on August 12th, 2011

The Rutner family used may alternative curing to avoid the death sentence. She tried Reiki or even acupuncture. Also visualization that did not help, but helped Barb for the breast cancer. He spiraled down with his health and at that time, Corine the daughter and her fiancée, searched for cannabis treatments.

Barb said that John and Corine were searching for medical marijuana since Stan lost too much weight and needed cure for the nausea and appetite loss. Corine said daytime cannabis pills with coconut oil might be good, the yellow kind pills. Stan took them in November 2011 and at first he took 1/3 of them and later he gave up the oxygen curing.

He was ready fully for the cannabis.  When he felt like he was dying, he could try anything.

The amazing results

And after weeks of this cannabis, Stan improved a lot. He gained weight, he slept better and had more energy. He left the walker cane, the oxygen too and eve got into workouts.

Months after the cannabis he checked the new MRI


Barb said on January 27th, 2013, the MRI for Stan’s brain was remarkable with no disease left! The cancer in lungs that got even in the brain in 2011 was GONE. The doctor said this is a miracle. The family that acted like doctors said the cannabis was the cure.

Corine and her fiancée on the wedding day said they never thought her dad would attend the wedding. He is still in remission!





source: http://www.healthy-holistic-living.com

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