Put cabbage wrap on the leg for a whole hour and relieve the pain in joints

Cabbage is known to help in many issues after it is consumed or used in other ways too. Here in HHL, we adored cabbage since it is nutritious and low in calories. It has vitamin C, K and potassium too and also it can fight inflammation and cancer. Do you know what cabbage compress is?

Benefits of cabbage

An Irish read says “may the leaves of cabbage be free of worms”.

Cabbage has been used for swellings and bruises on the skin for centuries back. It has phytonutrients, anthocyanins, vitamins and glutamine, good for inflammation and fighting cancer and pain In joints. It was known to help with arthritis and sport injuries too. Many such patients used cabbage and felt better after it. But how did they use this? Like a wrap.

Compress with cabbage

You need:

Organic cabbage, red is better

Bandage or gauze



Rolling pin/meat hammer




Peel the cabbage and get an outer leaf. Wash it nice and cut the stem. Put the cabbage on the counter and with the pin, bruise the leaf to remove the juice within. Put the cabbage in the foil and put it in the oven for a few minutes to be warm, not hot.

Then put this on the needed area and cover with the bandage.

Elevate that body part and keep this for an hour. Do it 3 times daily and use  anew leaf every time. By day 2, you will already feel better.

For a cold compress, refrigerate the leaf before you start this method.

Why red cabbage is better here? It has more anthocyanins and they remove inflammation and pain better. Red and green cabbage are both good and healthy for ulcer curing too.


Sometimes cabbage allergies can appear, and if you itch or swell after the applying of the leaf, remove it right away.


source: healthy-holistic-living.com

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