Get this plant for the house and chase away mice, insects and spiders

The insects are class of invertebrates in the arthropod phylum and have chitinous exoskeleton, 3 part bodies (thorax, head, abdomen), 3 pairs of legs, compounded eyes and one pair antenna. These things are small and some are bigger like the beetles. Many insects exist and they can feed on plant, meat and carrion. They are vital parts of nature since they can damage other danger species and even stop plagues! They also decompose and remove organic matter and pollinize plants, so this is economically and ecologically good. But, they scare us all, we have to admit.

Many people react with fear when they see a bug or spider in the house; screaming, jumping, throwing shoes at it. We all like nature, but not spiders and roaches inside the house. The repellents have side effects, but luckily for you, we have a natural method for removal of these pests and making the home smell amazing.

Mint plant

This solution is mint plant! It is used in cooking, making teas and so on, but also for therapies and more. To repel insects, brew the leaves, let them cool aside and put this in a bottle. Spray this tea everywhere in the home, also in dark corners and crevices.


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