Month before a heart attack the body will give off these 6 signs!

The heart attack is the first cause of deaths in USA, and to know the signs before this happens is crucial to prevent this. The bigger number of heart attacks in USA is due to the busy lifestyle and bad diets. Besides inflammation, stress also causes this problem.

The first thing to keep in mind is having a healthy lifestyle habits, less stress and so on. But, if you know the signs, you can also save someone else’s life.

 1. Weakness of body

Narrow arteries cause bad blood flow and this makes you feel weak and the muscles tremble. This  is the first leading sign.


 2. Cold sweats/dizzy

Bad blood flow means less blood supply to our brain and this makes us sweat and be dizzy. The body feels clammy too and the brain works improperly.


 3. Chest pressure

The major sign of heart attacks is this pressure. When the attack approaches, we feel the chest like tightened. This also is going in other body parts; arms, back and shoulders.


 4. Flu and cold

Those that survived this attack said they felt they had a cold or flu prior it.


 5. Fatigue

Constant fatigue is due to bad blood flow and narrow arteries. Thus the heart gets less blood and works harder and harder. Talk with a doctor in case you are tired all the time.


 6. Short breaths

Another sign of narrow arteries and bad blood flow. Here, the lungs do not get enough blood and work improper. Heart and lungs work together and this can cause great damage to both.


These signs mean you can recognize them in time and stop an attack that might happen. Also, reduce stress, have a healthy diet and lifestyle too.


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