The 3 item probiotic for leaky gut, cravings and cleansing of the body in just a few minutes!

The coconut water kefir is fermented coconut water and is really healthy, rich probiotic beverage that is loaded with minerals, vitamins, electrolytes and more. This nutrition content also has beta carotene, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, folate, vitamins A, B6, E, C and K. also this water is much better than the kefir alone since it has no casein and lactose. This kefir coconut water is the BEST probiotic drink for the digestion and is even healthier than yoghurt.

As we know, dairy forms acids and many people are intolerant to this. Also, the main minerals and electrolytes here are the same as in our human blood!

The health benefits of kefir coconut water:

  • No sugar cravings
  • Better immunity
  • Better digestion
  • More hydration
  • More energy
  • Cleansed skin
  • Better metabolism
  • No pathogenic yeasts
  • Better vision
  • More dietary minerals like natural sodium, potassium and chloride
  • Cleansing effect on endocrine system
  • Less PMS issues


How to make this water?

You can make it in 3 ways:

  • Existing kefir is used for start
  • Or use kefir starter culture
  • Kefir grains


This is the best method. Water kefir from grains is the best option. Get the kefir grains, either milk or water ones. This method is also cheap and always available.


You need:

7 cups coconut water

5 tbsp water kefir grains

1 ceylon cinnamon stick




Add the 7 cups water in ½ gallon jar and put the grains in this water, then add the cinnamon. Cover loosely to sit for 2 whole days. Longer than this might turn the fermentation to explosion!

When it is fermented, this water will be cloudy and light in the color. The grains will float to the top and this means they are no longer culturing. When this is done, remove the grains. You canuse them right away for another batch or refrigerate them in water.

That is it! Enjoy!






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