Honey, ACV and garlic – natural cure for many health issues

This amazing mix of healthy items can aid in many health issues since it kills microbes and has minerals, enzymes, vitamins and more. Garlic has allicin, an antioxidant that stops cancer and early aging. The ACV combats bad digestion and diabetes. Honey kills bacteria and microbes and when the 3 are mixed, you get a healthy power cure for any issue.

Hypertension people also will see less cholesterol problems and hypertension too. this ure has to be consumed in the morning before you eat and do not drink other things.

You need:

1 cup ACV

1 cup honey

10 cloves garlic




Blend them all until smooth and refrigerate it in a jar. Eat it for 5 days and make another batch soon. Have 2 full spoons on empty stomach and if you hate the smell and taste, add some natural juice.

It is simple and easy to make, cheap and effective but really healthy!



source: organichealthuniverse.com

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