Natural and effective antibiotic for the bladder and kidney infections

Here we will talk about the  best natural remedy that deals with UTI and other such issues fast and well.

If you had UTI sometime, you know how it hurts and is annoying. You go to the bathroom often, feel pain while urinating and even the meds from the doctors are useless almost. This is why you need natural antibiotics.

The inflammation of the bladder can affect 1 of 5 women and this is mostly due to e. coli and can show through pain, bloody urine, chills, fever and more.

How to make the remedy?

You need:

2 dl olive oil, 250 g honey, 250 g lemon peel, 250 g parsley root




Chop the parsley and add it in blender with the other items. Make a smooth mix and place it in plastic container in the fridge. Have a spoonful daily in the morning, before you eat.

When you get the items for the recipe, always get organic and no chemical items. If  you can’t do this, at least wash the produce with baking soda and warm water.

To speed up this healing, avoid coffee and chocolate during this method to stop bacteria from growing.





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