The Jin Shin Jyutsu finger method is rubbing a finger for a minute and seeing some effects on the body…

Did you know that rubbing a finger or different fingers can resolve some health issues?

The Japanese alternative medicine method is based on the belief that every finger can eb related to 2 internal organs. This method can ease up some issues in under 5 minutes.

The Jin Shin Jyutsu is the name of this method. You have to stimulate some points in the hands to balance emotions and health.

How is this working? This will impact some organs inside us by tight holding and rubbing a finger on one hand at least for 5 minutes. When you do this, breathe deep and massage both hands. It all should last 3-5 minutes.

Here is more on linking the fingers and organs, emotions and health:


Organs: spleenwort and belly

Physical signs: skin problems, stomach pain, headache, nervousness

Emotions: depression and anxiety


Index finger

Organs: bladder and kidneys

Physical signs: digestion, muscle pain, back pain, tooth ache

Emotions: fear, confusion, discontent


Middle finger

Organs: liver and yolky bitter

Physical signs: headache, fatigue, migraine, PMS pain, blood flow issues

Emotions: indetermination and irritability


Ring finger

Organs: large intestine and lungs

Physical signs: asthma and respiratory issues, skin problems and digestion issues

Emotions: fear, sadness and pessimism


Pinkie finger

Organs: small intestine and heart

Physical signs: bone and heart problems, sore throat

Emotions: nervousness, anxiety, no self confidence


Try this amazing method and see if you feel better after a few minutes. Rub the finger you need for a whole minute.





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