The workout Iron Belly removes 15 pounds in a week. Do it and shape the belly with no expensive items and diets

The workout we mention today is the best for reducing belly fat and shaping the belly too in almost a month. It is the crucial technique in yoga classes and impacts the transverse abdominals that remove the fat. By doing this workout often, you can shape and slim the belly too. How to do it?

Iron Belly Workout

Lie down on the back and hands are beside the body. Knees are bent and muscles relaxes. Inhale and exhale and breathe only with the lungs. After the inhale, stretch the belly muscles as much as you can and exhale. Feel the belly stretches and hold this for 15 seconds, then exhale.  The abs must be tense and in between this take short breaths. Relax the abs when you exhale and release the lungs air before you exhale again.

This technique provides amazing results so try it now!


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