Lemon and olive oil mixing – an item you will use for life

It is the worst thing in the world to wake up, have no energy and have fatigue. If this is the case, read more here. The drink we have for you cleanses you and makes you feel fresh all day ling. Centuries back this same mix was used for medicinal issues.

This mix is of lemon juice and olive oil. The oil was called liquid gold by the Romans and Greeks. It has many fatty acids that remove bad cholesterol and make a detox.

We all can benefit from this oil. When this is made, the extra virgin oil has almost no processing and this means all the nutrients are kept.

The lemon is a super fruit and the healthiest there is. It has vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more. It contains vitamin C, phosphorus, potassium, proteins, vitamin B and carbs, flavonoids and even fibers.
When you mix these items, you get the best cure for issues like:



Oil and lemon lubricate the mucus inside digestion organs and work up the liver and gallbladder too. Also this is like antioxidant and improves digestion and detox.

Heart issue

The fat acids in the oil are healthy for the heart, remove bad cholesterol and improve blood flow.

Rheumatoid problems

This mix will remove inflammation and remove joint pain too. Have it before breakfast.


Gallbladder and liver balance- stop gallstones from forming with this mix every morning while hungry. Mix the lemon and oil and add water, then drink it. Have this an hour before a detox and flush every gallbladder toxin but also cleanse the kidneys and liver.


source: onlinehealthsociety.com

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