The 7 exercises for training the brain into positivity

I am daily positive thinker and I think every distraction, bad influence, bad mood and brain drainers leave the situation challenging. The best part here is that you can train the brain to be happy and content and positive too.


The best 7 tips for exercises to train the brain into positivity:

Be thankful every day

Get a journal, pen and pad next to the bed or take the phone. When you wake up, make a habit of writing down 3 things at least, for gratitude. It can be for family, work, good rest even a sunshine! Whatever makes you feel good at the moment. If you need time to think here, just feel what happened lately that you hoped for and that is all.

Stay centered and focused

Centered all day long means negativity-free and good attitude. Also you can do this with yoga, deep breathing, meditation, nature walking and other things. When the mind rests, the soul rests too and speaks to you! The good energy from some workouts is amazing.


An idle mind is never a good thing. The mind must always be active and complete tasks, thus negativity will never take place. What about external bad factors? Many things might arise and this is not your fault, but with activity you can deal with every obstacle better.

Sleep, eat, drink WELL

For centuries it was known that food intake, water and sleep affect not just physical but mental health too. A study said that vitamin deficits alone make mental issues and lead to stress, depression, anxiety and even addictions. As far as sleep goes, evidence said that if you lack sleep you get hostile and irritated. No more all night working, sleep tight and feel happier and healthier. Even small changes can create a new big picture. Eat whole food, have water, sleep 8 hours and this is all.

Help other people

At times the best way for self help is by helping other people to stay good and positive. If other people are down, they need positivity you can give them. Do not spread the bad energy since it will spread back to you. Have a positive mind and help people! This way you will know that the good energy after you is from you and will multiply even more.

Inner healing and re-training

Sometimes for a positive outlook you need to search from within. It might be trapped inside. Workouts like tapping, NLP and affirmations are mirrors for good mood. You might start from resolving childhood issues, traumas, bad relationships and so on. You can change the life if you change your power and energy. When the area shines with love and positive feelings, emotional wounds heal too and the head feels restarted. This way you can enjoy positivity without facade.

Follow the passions

One of the best things to do to stay positive is to LOVE. Job, hobby or whatever it is, do it. If something makes you feel guilty or ashamed, DITCH IT. Write down the favorite best 3 things you do and follow them. Compare lifestyles you had and the one you have.


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