The sweet potato is a super food – protein food that removes cancer cells

The sweet potatoes are tasty, nutritious and really healthy that even NASA wants them for the space mission foods. People even call them super foods since they have many nutrition benefits for their price.


Besides the taste that is amazing, they are also praised for the cancer stopping benefits. A century ago, was said that this veggie had a unique protein that even can kill cancer cells. At first this was tested for leukemia in petri dishes and it showed good results.

When the protein enters the belly, it is digested right away and to avoid this issue, experts tested the sweet potato protein on tongue cancer cells. These patients are treated with chemo that has awful side effects. But, the protein was much more relevant since it affected cancer cells more. It reduced them in in vitro after a few days indeed proving it can kill cancer.

This protein was also tested on 9 women that had cervix cancer and just 2 cases showed survival in their digestion and entering the bloodstream of this protein. This same protein was also tested against deadly colorectal cancer with amazing results. It stopped the cancer and reduced the cancer growth too.






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