Have ACV before bed and be amazed with the benefits!

The ACV is really healthy and has many uses too, from cooking pies, salads, pickles and more. But, it can be consumed too.

It is amazing but you can drink some ACV before bed and this will make you boosted with benefits and health.


These are the benefits:

Sore throat curing

The vinegar will create acidic areas for the bacteria thriving in the sore throat. This also kills bacteria in the body. Have this an hour prior sleeping, and another small spoon before sleeping.

Weight loss

Many studies point to the obesity being result of sleep deficit. The more you weigh, the more sleep and weight problems you have. ACV stops fat deposits and lowers the appetite since it has pectin, item that fools you into being satiated. If you crave food before bed, have this. Mix 1 tsp in cup of water and sip this, so skip the chocolates and cookies.

Relieving stuffy nose

It has vitamins A, B1, B2, E and magnesium, potassium too that remove excess mucus inside you. For fast relief, mix 1 tsp of the ACV in glass of water and sip it.

No hiccups

This triggers the nerves and throat and this is vital for the hiccups and bitter taste causes. So, this will work up the nerves that make the hiccups. Just sip a tsp ACV.

Bad breath

This mouth odor is a result of bacteria. The ACV is perfect for this case, it will kill and remove bacteria and make a fresh breath. Have 1 tsp ACV before sleeping.

Acid reflux treating

This restores the healthy acidity in the belly, just mix 1 tbsp ACV in glass of water and have it before bed.

No indigestion

Insomnia is linked to indigestion. Now, take ACV to stop bloating and nausea. Mix 1 tsp of it with honey and warm water and have it 30 min prior bed.

Less stomach pains

The signs of an upset belly will be gone after the ACV. No more gasses, cramps, pains if you mix 1 tsp ACV and warm water.

Lower blood sugar

The high blood sugar is the first cause of insomnia. ACV can heighten the insulin sensitivity and thus lower the blood sugar. Have 2 tsp ACV before bed. Also, talk with the doctor in this case, if you are prone or have diabetes.

Lowered risk of night leg cramps

Deficit in potassium makes awful pains in the legs. ACV has potassium and this helps in lowering the cramps in the body. Mix 2 tbsp ACV and warm water before bed.

source: healthandlovepage.com

image source: justamazingrecipes.com

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