The best 5 foods for healthy brain in kids

Giving your kids the best foods and drinks is vital for their development and health of the brain. They need the best fuels for the school day and activities but the brain also needs the best to work through the day. If you are a parent that wonders what food is bets for the kids’ brain, here is the list:


Greek yoghurt

Fat is needed for a healthy brain and greek yoghurt is a good choice. Add blueberries and cereals to this too for the polyphenols that make mental alertness. Or also get dark chocolate for polyphenols.


Eggs have choline and this is amazing for the memory stem cells in the brain. More such cells in the brain means more memory. Add eggs in the kid diet for breakfast and boost their focus abilities.

Greens and veggies

Kale and spinach are the best here. These leafy greens are best at keeping safe from dementia. Kale has many nutrients and antioxidants too for growth in brain cells. Add this in pizzas, sandwiches, omelets and such.

Fat free milk

This milk has protein, vitamin D and phosphorus. Calcium is also seen here and is essential for the insulin production. Lactose intolerance is a problem in kids so talk with the doctor before giving such milk to the kid and also to make sure it gets all the nutrients from dairy, like D and calcium.


Another food that kids must eat. It has omega 3 fats that are healthy and proteins too that keep memory healthy in brains. Tuna, sardines, salmon are the best fish types.


These are just the best of all good foods for kids development. Make their brains healthy by giving these foods often. Other such foods are nuts, fruits and other healthy foods.




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