See how eating apples daily can make you lose weight

We all heard that apples daily can make you healthy. But, also losing some weight is true here. A study from Food Chemistry said that no-digestible items in the apples make more good bacteria in the gut, thus resulting in weight loss.

The study

A study of 2012 of experts from Iowa University stated that ursolic acid pills make more calorie burn and more muscle mass. A study of 2008 stated that women who had 3 small apples daily, lost over 2 lbs in 10 weeks. This was in comparison to those who had no apples.

The ursolic acid is in the apple peel. And the vitamin C is below the peel.


How is this working?

  1. Fiber- apples have many fibers and this is the main cause for weight loss. High fiber diet is great for losing weight since fibers fills you up more. Also it causes satiety and you feel full. Average apple has 5 g fiber. Fiber intake is best about 38 g daily for men under 50. For women under 50 is 25 g daily.

Low calories- apples have little calories. If you replace these by sweets you can lose weight amazingly. Sweets cannot be resisted but this fruit is a great replacement and healthier too.


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