The best 10 reasons for eating guavas

Guavas are used in Asian areas mostly and also in the West lately too. The shape is like a pear and the color is green or yellow. If the flesh is white or maroon and has small seeds it is normal and also it can be soft and sweet on the taste.

This fruit is the best for nutrients. Here is the list of the benefits.

Weight loss

Guava has proteins and is perfect for a diet. It has no cholesterol and just a bit carbs. It has little sugar in comparison to grapes, apples and oranges.

Better vision

Guava also has vitamin A for healthy eyes and vision. Night blindness is the result of vitamin A deficits.

Constipation treating

Also there is much fibers here. So it can be like a laxative. One guava is 12% daily needs of fibers and is great for digestion too.

Less cancer risks

Guava can be anti cancer since it has lycopene, vitamin C and quercetin too. All these are antioxidants and make the free radicals neutral.

Less hypertension

Since guava has fibers and lowers glucose naturally it is great for hypertension uses. Also It lowers the bad cholesterol and stops thickenings.

Prevention to diabetes

This leaf also has fibers and aids in sugar processes in the body. This lowers the big drops and spikes in sugar. Also it was stated that guava can stop diabetes 2.

Better heart

Studies shown that guava can balance sodium and potassium and regulate the pressure in cases of hypertension. Also triglycerides and bad cholesterol will get lowered and thus no heart issues.

Better immunity

The guavas make immunity stronger and lower inflammation too thus stopping those bad molecules like prostaglandins that cause autoimmune issues like rheumatoid arthritis.


Guava has 5 times more vitamin C than oranges and this is amazing for scurvy curing and prevention. It can beat many other fruits in this field like citrus and oranges.

Skin care

Guavas also make the skin issues resolved and much better than cosmetics and creams. This is because it has astringents in the leaf and the fruit too. The benefit here is by eating the fruit or washing skin with mix the extract.


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