Garlic and ginger soup with 52 garlic cloves to fight cold, flu and norovirus

Forget the flu shots!


This soup with 52 cloves garlic and thyme, onion, lemon can kill every virus and this also includes colds, flu and norovirus too.

Here you can see how to make this soup that really works.

When we sneeze and cough when we are sick, garlic is the best natural cure for these issues. It has a popular reputation as a virus fighter due to the active item allicin.

Allicin benefits

The recent study of Washington University said that garlic is even 100 times better than regular antibiotics and can kill bacteria and viruses too.

When we crush garlic, alliin turns to allicin and studies proved that this allicin lowers hypertension and cholesterol but also blood clots are prevented. Garlic also lowers the risk of atherosclerosis and items in this veggie also kill bad organisms like virus and bacteria that make ear pains, cold and flu. Studies also show that garlic can resolve digestion issues and onset of cancer.

This item in the garlic kills bacteria and fungi too, said Helen Bond, Derbyshire expert in nutrition for the British Dietetic Association.

This recipe boosts immunity and many people mash the garlic and add olive oil for spreading on bread.

Can it work? No science data here.

So, experts really are divided in the opinions for the garlic uses and benefits for cold and flu. Last March there was a study for the global organization, Cochrane database and said that garlic intake in the winter can cut cold signs for a whole day and half.

But, also here was said that every result is not fully as it is since there is more research to be done.

The issue is that pharma companies cannot do more studies since garlic is natural and cannot be patented for profit.

Medicine garlic

Nonetheless, garlic was long used as medicine. Ancient Egyptians said this is good for 22 health issues. In papyrus from 1500 BC was said that those that made the pyramids used garlic for more stamina and health.

Romans gave this to soldiers and sailors for more endurance and also the doctor of Nero swore by garlic.

The best study lately is that garlic can increase the natural antioxidants we have. Science name is allium sativa and was famous through history to fight bacteria and viruses. Even Louis Pasteur said in 1858 that bacteria died when garlic touched it. In Middle Ages this was used to heal wounds, or sliced for wounds applications and stopping infections. Russians said this was a penicillin.

Recently, experts gave evidence that garlic might help us be healthy and hale.

Last June, experts of University Florida said that garlic eating can boost T cells in the blood. These are vital for the immunity against viruses.

Pharmacologists of California University said that allicin the garlic active item also makes bad breath but kills infections.

The allicin dilates blood vessels and makes better blood flow, also tackling heart problems like cholesterol.

A study in Australia with 80 people said for European Journal of Clinical Nutrition that garlic of all diet regimes is the best for hypertension.

In 2007, dentists of Brazil said that garlic gargles and water (with cloves crushed in warm water) kills every germ and stops tooth decay and gum issues.

But there is more

The participants refused to keep with this experiment and said this gargle caused nausea. With this soup all things changed.

Garlic also kills snails and slugs too. Experts of the University Newcastle said this has oils that cripple the nerve systems of these animals.

The best ways for garlic preparing is by…baking. As Argentinian experts said, baked cloves release more allicin and experts of South Carolina Medical University said garlic uncovered for 15 minutes also fights infections.

Just peel the garlic cloves and roast the other half. After 1 and ¼ hours of making the soup, add some lemon juice and the aroma itself will rise you up and make you get more appetite. It is tasty but this is more than taste. It is more like medicine.

And for the benefits wait for some time first. Regular bowls of this will keep you safe from illnesses.

The recipe for garlic soup

For 4 serves

You need:

26 garlic cloves

2 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp butter

½ tsp cayenne

½ cup ginger

2 and ¼ cups onion chopped

1 and ½ tsp thyme

26 garlic cloves, peeled

½ cup coconut milk

3 and ½ cup veggie broth

4 lemon wedges




Preheat oven to 350F and put the garlic cloves in a baking pan. Add 2 tbsp oil and sea salt. Then cover this tightly with foil and make the garlic golden brown baked. After 45 min, let this cool aside, mash the garlic to get the cloves and put them in a bowl.

Melt the butter aside with medium heat and now add the onions, ginger, thyme, cayenne and cook to make them all soft and after 6 min, add the roasted garlic and rest of cloves to cook 3 more min. add the veggie broth, let it simmer for 20 min. make it in batches. Then blend until smooth and bring back the soup to the pan. Add the coconut milk and simmer it. In the end add pepper and salt.

Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon wedge in every serving bowl.

You can make this a day ahead. Also refrigerate it and reheat with medium heat, mix sometimes.

The garlic is indeed miracle medicine and can be grown at home but also bought for cheap price.






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