What happens to the skin, kidneys and brain with too much makeup use?

Makeup usage is more and more popular these days than ever before. Business Wire said that global makeup markets reached amazing $460 billion in 2014 alone. Experts say that this market for beauty items will rise to 3.8% more in the 5 years to follow.

We all see the beauty and make up industry rise all the time. If you just think of these products and their daily use, you will be stunned. Beauty takes over social medias more and more like Youtube with subscribers over 123,164,115 alone in 2015. This speaks for itself so more make up junkies invade the internet.

Humans used makeup for more than 5000 years just to enhance face features and hide some flaws, like wrinkles. There is nothing bad in enhancing beauty, but sometimes makeup goes to even dependence.

A study by the Renfrew Center Foundation said that almost half of women, 44%, felt bad with no makeup! The problem here is that make up must not be the first thing for self-esteem. Even more medical experts and scientists are more worried about makeup effect on health.



Makeup dangers


Every makeup item from powder to setting powder has many chemicals and some are even unhealthy. Such chemicals when with the skin, make dryness, flakes and allergies too.

What is alarming here is that they can go in the deep skin layers and even in the blood. If they are toxic, exposure to them will be a big risk.

Makeup is a danger for some time now. A study of the Journal of Archaeological Science said that the Japanese kids bones of Edo period had too much toxins, even 12 times more than safe.

The experts said that the cause for this was white facial powder in breastfeeding women and this had too much mercury and lead. In another 1991 study were gathered samples of kohl eye makeup in 3d world countries and this had too much lead as well.

But things have not changed lately. A study from Breast Cancer Fund stated in a study for Campaign for Safe Cosmetics that almost every kind of kid Halloween makeup had toxins inside.

But, most of  these toxins had low levels of toxicity. Also, makeup can be bad for the skin and cause acne and skin issues, so try to sort out this dilemma of using or no-using makeup.


The worst chemicals found by BCF study



Soft, blue white metal that is linked to kidney failure, bone issues, and cancer. Experts think that this turns toxic at levels even below normal set by World Health Organization. FDA made a test for heavy metals in popular and was found in Jafra, Estee Lauder, Yves Rocher, l’Oreal, Proctor, Revlon, P&G, Mary Kay and Jane and Co. Their items are eye shadows, primers, and foundations.


This is paint-thinner that can damage the nerve system and cause neurological issues like dementia. This item is also seen in hair colors and nail items.


In items like foundation that protects from UV. Dermatitis article published that these items cause allergies and rashes, but sometimes even anaphylactic shock. They are also found in lip balms, powder, polish, shampoo, perfumes, hairspray, conditioner and baby sunscreen.


These items are added in makeup to stop bacteria growing. They can be endocrine damagers and was even stated that these chemicals can cause breast cancer even. They are seen in colognes and perfumes but also in shower gels, lotions and conditioners.


This is a heavy metal in makeups like foundation, lipstick, eye shadow and eyeliner. It is really toxic when it gets in the blood and can cause neuro damages, cancer and infertility. Lead also is found in lip cosmetics, glosses and liners. Also in hair colors, eyeshadow, mascara, blush and foundation. In one FDA study of a lab was said this lead is seen in every item tested except baby powder and lotions.


Mineral in makeups seen in pressed powder and blush, but sometimes in foundation too. Also it is mixed with asbestos that is carcinogen. Many studies linked this to ovary cancer, as per the European Journal of Cancer Prevention. Talc is seen in baby powders, deodorants, feminine hygiene items, eyeshadows, foundations, facemasks and lipsticks.


Final notes:

Most of these toxins are not even proven all the way as they should but still are unhealthy. Daily use of makeup will damage your health and skin too and this is a worry explained by Julia R. Barett of Environmental Health Perspectives.

To be healthy and good looking, always read the labels and reduce the makeup you use if you can. Consumers must be aware of this over all the years and keep their beauty more the natural way.

Healthy items rise on the market and this is good. Such are Jose Maran cosmetics, Dr. Hauschka, ILIA, Physicians Formula and others.

An article by Sophie Anderson, blogger and skincare expert author.


source:  theheartysoul.com


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