For men – losing belly fat in the best way

Every person knows that losing belly fat affects the self confidence but a chubby belly affects the bad way the confidence. Actually, risk of health problems is bigger if the belly is bigger, and this is mainly for men. Some of the health issues are cancer, heart problems, diabetes and sleep apnea. The belly fat is hard to lose but you can shrink it at least in some ways.

Talk with the doctor

As far as this goes, talk with a doctor first. This is the best way to see which thing works better for slimming. And you can avoid health risks the best way.

Less carbs

One reason for a big belly is too much carbs in the diet. If you want to slim the belly, minimize carbs and opt for whole grains like whole grain bread, quinoa, pasta and such.

More proteins

Get more proteins and less carbs. Men have to eat 20-60 g protein daily depending on the workouts or daily moves. Examples are pork, chicken, eggs, lean beef and tofu. They reduce the belly fat and are great proteins for muscle building.

Less sugar

Even though women tend to eat sweets more, men also have to watch this closely. Skip the sodas, sugary drinks, candies and cakes/pastries. Or at least limit them.

More moving

No matter the diet, it is all worthless if you are not moving. Try some workout programs and see which suits you best.


Losing this fat is a hard thing to do, so you have to make more life changes for both looks and health.


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