The pandan leaves can cure arthritis signs

The pandan leaves are of the pandan plant pandanus amaryllifolius and this is in Asia. It is tropical plant and also seen in Australia too, but it is also famous in cooking in Southeast Asia.

The main role of this leaf is the recipes using and fragrance for the cooked food. This plant is sterile and this means it can be propagated with cutting. But many lawns have this plant and use it for repelling mosquitoes with the aroma.


Apart from cooking use, this leaf also has health benefits like:

  • Less gastro issues and spasms/cramps
  • More energy for new mothers
  • Soothing calming effect
  • Reducing fever
  • Lowering hypertension
  • Detox


The best benefit of this leaf is pain educing. In traditional medicine, this reduced gum pains and oral issues so just with chewing this leaf, raw or dry these would be the benefits. Also it reduces headaches, ear pains, chest pains if you make it boiled in tea.

In case of arthritis, use pandan leaf

When your moves are limited, the main reason is arthritis or inflamed joints. As per US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, more than 52 million people have arthritis and if you have it too, you know the limits of movements. Activity and good diet might help, but some remedies of nature help too.

This is the pandan leaf role again here.

Some pandan leaves can treat pains and aches and arthritis too. You can use it in few ways

  1. Pandan leaf tea– bunch of pandan leaves are tied and added to boiling water. After 10 min, let this simmer for 10 more. Have it cold.
  2. Liniment– make liniment of the pandan leaf. Add coconut oil to this and apply on needed areas.


This pandan leaf also has tannins and essential oils and soothes/reduces inflammation. The leaves also relieve pain and have NO side effects like other medicines for pain.


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