Okra might fight prostate and breast cancer


The okra is superfood and it beats diabetes and even 3 types of cancer. The studies for okra and cancer are yet to be developed but lab tests said this veggie stops metastatic melanoma cells in mice and kills breast cancer in humans. Another study proved that men who ate okra had 40% less prostate cancer risks.

Okra can kill 72% of breast cancer in humans in in vitro

The discovered lectin in the okra, can kill 72% of human breast cancer MCF7 in vitro, by inducing cell death. The lectin in okra also slows growth of breast cancer by 63%. The lectin is in the okra seeds and experts discovered this by getting lectin with water extraction of the okra seed. This lectin was discovered in 2012 and also it kills inflammation and relieves pain. The experts of this study said the lectin is a medicine even for breast cancer. Do not throw the seeds or pods, and eat the whole okra.

Okra pectin can stop 75% of  metastatic melanoma cells in vitro

The okra pectin is under the pod skin and experts said that it has unique items that never have been seen before in other pectin. Maybe these new items are the good ones for the melanoma. In a study by Dutch and French experts was said that pectin stopped metastatic melanoma in mice, B16F10 by whole 75% after 2 days of treatment and was raised the level of programmed cell death. Experts also said that the pectin made apoptosis by raising the galectin 3. This is similar to the compound modified Citrus Pectin.

Men that eat okra have 40% less risk of prostate cancer

The studies of above said 2 items of okra can kill cancer and has this been examined for humans? Yes. A study of the USA of recently said that men that had Southern diets, with okra, grits, beans, cornbread, rice and potatoes, had 40% less risk of prostate cancer. This study followed 3,800 men for a decade. Apart from the okra, beans and potatoes, this Southern diet also is not so healthy as we think and has too much red meat and bacon, all cancer risks. Also this diet was better against prostate risks more than veggies and fruits diets, even though it had 24% less produce.

Was okra vital in this Southern diet for cancer fighting? We cannot know for sure. During that time, eat okra. It will treat diabetes and latest studies show that even 3 cancers can be stopped this way.

source: edenprescription.com

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