Results after cutting out carbs from the diet

Carbs are the main fuel in our food regimes and are in 2 groups: simple and complex. The simple carbs are simple sugars like refined sugar and fruits. Complex carbs are starches and those are grains, root veggies, beans, brown rice, grain pasta, grain breads. These can be refined and become complex refined carbs starches like white breads, flours, pasta, processed cereals, baked things, white pasta, white rice and such. Carbs must be eaten for fuel and energy but careful for their elimination.

Low carb diet

These diets are supposed to make us healthier, lower the weight and cure issues like diabetes, fatigue, epilepsy, fatigue syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome. High carb foods are replaced with fats and proteins. The allowed carbs daily varies as to the goal of the diet plan. Examples of such diets are: Atkins diet, Zone diet, Primal Blueprint diet, South Beach diet. As per Mayo Clinic, long term results here are still explored. Talk with the doctor in this case for this diet.

Weight loss

The seen effect of carb removal is weight loss. When carbs get limited we make less glucose. Glucose is linked to blood sugar and weight too. We burn glucose of carbs as energy sources. When we reduce carbs we get other fuel sources and use stored fat as energy too. Thus we lose weight and water weight since the diet might have diuretic effect.


This is a bad effect of removal of carbs. Veggies, fruits and grains have fibers and are needed for healthy colon. The soluble fibers makes the stool watery thus passing it easily in the colon. As per Mayo Clinic the long term deficit in fibers can make diverticulitis and make more risk of cancers.

Damaged kidneys

Such long term diets can be bad for you and damage the kidneys since they have more protein than needed. Low carb diets have more and more proteins so those with kidney issues must watch the protein intake and Mayo Clinic advises monitoring of this diet for 4 months top s. Those with kidney diseases also must watch this carefully and talk with the doctor before these diets.



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