The benefits of the Moringa oil

The moringa oil is from the seed of the moringa oleifera or drumstick tree. This oil also has a special name or ben oil. It is called that way due to the  behenic acid inside. This oil is also very well mentioned in Greek and Roman books. Today this oil is also used as applicative oil. It is amazing for topical use for skin and hair too. Also it can be cooked since the taste is nice.


This oil is gotten from pressing the seeds of moringa oleifera and is native in the Himalayas. This tree grows in long pods and has seeds. It is nutritious and similar to spinach. It has vitamin C and B and it can also be cold pressed or with solvent extraction. In history this was hand pressed.

Many varieties exist of this oil depending on the tree. It can be gotten from Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, Malawi and Africa. Other species are used for the Moringa but not for the Ben.


The moringa must not have solvents like the hexane.


Other names for moringa are Ben and Behen.


  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory– internally and externally
  • Antiaging– no aging signs and skin issues
  • Antimicrobial– used in Sudan for cleansing water and removing bacteria
  • Disinfectant– for treating wounds
  • Carrier– since it has aroma
  • Hepatoprotective– no liver damage
  • Emollient– moisture for the skin
  • Preservative– it has no rancidity
  • Exfoliant– removes dead skin cells
  • Enfleurage– it gets the aroma of essential oils and other smelly items like nuts, seeds, herbs, chemicals, spices and is perfect as perfume base.

Color, aroma and taste

The color is yellow and there is no odor and the taste is mild.


Health benefits

This oil is healthy and can be used internally and externally.

  1. Moisturizer– this ben oil is also applied as massage oil. It makes the skin glowing and moisturized but not oily. It gets deep in the skin and is better than chemical items. This is such because it has omega 9 fat acids and makes the skin smooth since it has behenic acid. This also is good for the hair.
  2. Skin benefits– pacifying dry skin and eczema, psoriasis. Curing acne, removing inflammation, healing acne scars, adding glow to skin. Can be used for healing wounds, scrapes, burns, bruises. Mix it with tamanu oil and it can whiten scars. For fungi infections this is great but also for ringworm, jock itch and athlete’s foot. Also, for aging, applying this oil will erase fine lines and will act like astringent and remove saggy skin.
  3. For hair– it can be used as hair conditioner and moisturize the hair and roots, ends too, remove dandruff and irritation of the scalp. After this you can comb the hair well. Hair roots will get stronger and hair loss will be cured too. Weak and damaged hair can be treated well.
  4. For liver– liver health can be improved even if it is made by toxicity. The liver when damaged can give off some signals. This is seen with the serum ALT and AST. The study showed that consuming moringa oil can lower the ALT and AST and also can lower the liver markers in people whose liver is toxin damaged from hepatitis or meds.
  5. Rheumatic oil– this can be used for painful and aching joints, directly or as oil pack. It can remove inflammation and swelling and pain in the joints. Also it is used for gout.
  6. Hysteria managing– this oil calms down hysteria and emotional issues.
  7. Gum health– massage this oil on the gums. It seems strange but the taste is mild and won’t bother you. Gum inflammation will be soothed too and scurvy as well.


Home remedies

  • For sleeping– massage the head with this oil and use 4 drops lavender oil, this is for anxiety and insomnia.
  • Exfoliating– mix olive oil and moringa and add sugar for rubbing.
  • Softening nails– soap the nails in moringa to cut them easily.
  • DIY perfume– add favorite essential oil in the moringa and make your perfume. Add 2-3 drops of your perfume.



It has many uses after extraction. These are some home uses:

  • Soap– make soap with this and cleanse well
  • Perfume base– the best perfume base. It was popular for this even in ancient history.
  • Oil machinery– for lubricating machine parts and watches.
  • Cooking oil– for deep frying and sautéing, smoke point is at 200 C and it is also used for salads.


Side effects, toxicity and dosage

For usage moringa oil is generally safe and, it can be used internally. No info on interaction with meds, but just in case talk with a doctor.

Medical and nutritional information

It is really nutritious. And unique from other oils.

Fatty acids in cold pressed moringa

This oil is mainly MUFA and saturated fats too. It has oleic acid and 70% of this is oleic acid. This can lower pressure and is similar to olive oil. This acid can also prevent multiple sclerosis. The moringa is famous for the behenic acid levels, or 9% levels. This acid makes the hair and skin smooth. Also this acid can increase the cholesterol and it is saturated fat.

Nutrition value of this oil

This oil has vitamins, minerals and it has flavonoids, sterols and phenols.

Vitamin E

This oil has 3 kinds of E. a tocopherol 150 mg/kg, Y tocopherol 39 mg/kg, and b tocopherol 77 mg/kg. the tocopherols are antioxidants and keep the skin healthy when applied, also immunity gets stronger.


The cold pressed moringa has a  bit phytosterols and cholesterol too. The b sitosterol lowers cholesterol, is antioxidant and slows diabetes.

The campesterol lowers inflammation and osteoarthritis.

Stigmasterols lower absorbing glucose and cholesterol.


They are antioxidants and exert protection. In small amounts, they are healthy too. They make blood vessels stronger and lower inflammation. The flavonoids are 18 mg RAE per gm.

Storage and purchase

This oil is stable. It can hardly go rancid and is used for long. It’s extracted from many processes, the bets one is cold pressed. It is dense and also has color and is tastier than other oils.


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