A plant can kill 98% cancer cells and slow or stop diabetes

I always like natural items that twist some cancer cells. It is crucial that these items keep the healthy cells alone. Some of my discoveries in the past had resveratrol, green tea, seanol and more. But here we will talk about the plant that starves cancer cells more than chemo. It works on pancreatic canceracells which are hard to kill.

Bitter melon

This plant is a veggie of Asia and is called bitter melon, it is especially popular in Japan, Okinawa.

The bitter melon juice diluted 5% in water can be amazing for repair of damaged pancreas. This melon reduced 2 cancer types by 90% and other 2 by 98% after just 72 hours of curing. In the past you have heard from me on apoptosis. This is the natural way of killing sick cells. They kill themselves. This juice is making the cell death on many paths. Also it makes new paths and this kills the cancer cells metabolism for glucose. Or, they get starved from the sugar they need.

Is this applied on animals? Yes! Colorado University experts gave mice some of this extract in human doses. They had 64% less pancreas tumor sizes and no side effects. This means it is better than chemo.

The mice dose means 6 g powder for an adult. Big Pharma rushes to find the patent version and behave like God! It is weird to them that such a simple plant can starve cancer and remove it. No more chemicals for this use.

Also, the bitter melon might also help diabetics too, experts said that it affect the metabolic syndromes and glucose metabolism too.

This is amazing. No more cancer problems the old way. Boosted immunity, detox, less dental issues and infections, less toxic materials, alkalized body, oxidized body and more nutrition.

Every cancer cell is disturbed in the energy making with inefficient glucose metabolisms. The bitter melon also is a path forward to cancer treating. You can find it in health stores and online too.





Source: www.secondopinionnewsletter.com

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