Removal of phlegm with home cures

The phlegm is along a cold and upper respiratory infections. It is not health hazard but if not treated fast it can irritate and clog the bronchial tubes and make another infection.


The phlegm is in need of constant throat clearing, runny nose, coughs, hard breathing, weakness and even can be deposited and congested in the throat and chest and it is removed with coughs.

The phlegm has bacteria, virus or inflammation in itself that make the infection. In addition to this is the bronchitis , flu and cold and it can be triggered by some allergy, asthma, fever, damaged vocal cords and smoking.

This process of curing can be hard and lasting but with some good natural cures you can beat it and have no side effects.

The best 10 remedies:


Inhalation of steam is the best simplest way for phlegm removal. Inhaling this clears the nose and makes phlegm liquid so it is easier to remove it. Have a steamy shower 2 times daily. Turn it to full heat and stay like that 10 min. after this moisturize the body with essential oils. Or boil water in a pot and put a towel over your head, bend the head and inhale for 10 min over the steam. This loosens the phlegm. Repeat few times daily.

Salt water

Gargling with this water is another good way. Warm water can soothe throat, and salt kills bacteria from the infection. Mix ¼ tsp salt in glass warm water. Gargle and do it few times daily.

Lemon juice

Lemon is great for loosening mucus. Also it is antibacterial and has C, both for treating infections. Add 2 tsp juice in glass of hot water and 1 tbsp honey. Have this few times daily and soothe throat. Or cut a lemon, sprinkle salt on it and pepper and suck the piece. This forces phlegm out. Do it 3 times daily.


A natural decongestant used for such infections for centuries. It also kills viruses and bacteria and clears the throat. Add 1 tbsp ginger in boiled water, cup. Steep this and add 2 tsp honey. Have this tea few times daily. Or chew raw ginger piece few times daily and add it to meals.


A strong antiseptic removing phlegm and killing bacteria. Also boosts immunity. Add 1 tsp turmeric in glass of hot milk. Have it in the morning and before sleep. Swallow ½ tsp turmeric and glass of water 3 times daily. Or add 1 tbsp of it and pinch of salt in glass of hot water few times daily.

Chicken soup

Warm soup treats phlegm. This soup makes the air passages moist and loosens phlegm. Also soothes the throat and relaxes you. Have this soup few times daily and for more benefits, add garlic and ginger. No more canned soup for healing!

Cayenne pepper

This pepper makes the body remove excess mucus from nose and throat inside. It is warming in the effect and lowers pain in the chest and throat. Mix ¼ tsp cayenne, grated ginger, 1 tbsp honey and ACV and 2 tbsp water. Have this 3 times daily and also cook with the cayenne.


Antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal food amazing for soreness in throat and phlegm issues. It kills bacteria and boosts immunity too. add pinch pepper in 1 tbsp honey. Pepper treats the infection and honey soothes membranes. Have this 2 times daily. Or add 1 tbsp honey in hot water one glass. Have this few times daily and get all the benefits.


A great antibiotic and kills inflammation and also relaxes the troat from phlegm. It boosts immunity too and speeds healing. Make tonic with onion and sugar for fluidity of the phlegm. Wash an onion and chop it. Toss 2 tbsp sugar and salt and let this sit for 30 min. the mix will become liquid. Have 1 tbp of this every morning or every 2 hours. Store it in the fridge for 2 days.


They have been really effective for breathing issues. They have vitamin, the antioxidant that boosts immunity and kills infections. Also other nutrients that loosen phlegm. Get the juice of the carrots, 4-5 of them. Add water to dilute. Add 2-3 tsp honey and mix. Have this juice all day long.


Next time you have such a problem with phlegm, think of these remedies. If the phlegm is green or yellow, talk with a doctor.



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